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Corporate Events


Clinical Hypnosis for individuals or for groups, can make YOU function better and YOUR TEAM synchronise more successfully

“In an increasingly difficult business climate. It gives you the edge, pure and simple.”
At Open Minds we think of you and the people in your organisation as being like instruments in an orchestra.

Each unique sound contributes individually to make the impact of the orchestra greater, stronger and better.

Through hypnosis, we synchronise you and your team players to work together and produce the best sound and the best success story.
We offer very popular half and full day workshops for corporate group events, in addition to one to one leadership and self empowerment sessions.

  • At Open Minds we do not do entertainment-based staged “hypnotic”,  corporate events. Our clinical hypnosis is used for healing, and very different from auditioned and edited TV shows, performed by professional entertainers and selected volunteers. There is a place for that, but that place is not with Open Minds.

    Whether you are a leader in your field, or want to be, Open Minds will help change your life to empower and equip you with a changed approach and attitude to yourself, your work and your colleagues. It will help you succeed in the 21st century market. YOU WILL TAKE CONTROL.

  • The professional cost of Open Minds corporate events helps to subsidise the discounts given to those of our clients that would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of hypnotherapy, not least in dealing with addiction issues. Because of the nature and function of our Corporate Event work and its impact on our ability to help other clients at a nominal cost, we are flexible as to the cost of half and full day workshops.

    £500 and £1000 for fully planned professional, focussed and dynamic events are typical costs for these respective events. Venue costs within Aberdeenshire (if outside of the client’s ability to organise) are additional, but it is hoped that the client would facilitate this aspect.”

    So you and your business succeeds, as do those with less broad shoulders. It is a form of corporate social responsibility that Aberdeenshire can be proud of.

  • We deliver half and full day workshops. Everyone receives an Open Minds CD for you to listen to, so you can engage with self hypnosis or deep relaxation at home. All of this is painless and powerful, and you remain in control throughout.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss informally for free, please contact us using the details provided.