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What People Say About Us


“Thanks to Glen @ Open Minds for helping me start on my journey towards a happier, healthier life. Since I first saw Glen a couple of months ago, I have lost weight and find it easier to handle stressful situations. The sessions were helpful and relaxing and Glen was always available for help and advice outside the sessions. A great service!”

“Glen…Thank you for giving me a father I can look up to…”

“Glen’s work has transformed many lives within our family. After years of my partner battling drugs it came a time where he had to try something different as he had tried every other avenue. He decided to go with Glen and hasn’t looked back. Glen is a caring man and it shows with the time and effort he has put into helping my partner. He goes out of his way to help those in need and does it in a professional manner. He helped my partner at a time when we really needed him and for that i will be forever grateful, as he has given our baby a parent he will be able to respect”

“As a drug addict i was a sceptic but went in with an open mind. I listened to everything Glen told me and did what he asked, and he made me very relaxed. With each session i have progressed and have gained a more positive attitude to life. He is very professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. Glen has given me my life back as I was so close to losing everything. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help.”

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about myself but the hypnotherapy has allowed me to get to know myself much better and in a more positive light.”

“I slept six hours last night before wakening…absolutely brilliant.”

“Just thought I’d let you know that “the journey” worked and I slept four solid hours the other night.”

“Quickly became a very relaxing experience… Helped me regain control…Helped to value me again!”

“The techniques used both during sessions and on CD provided helps me to ‘tap in’ to the ability to be relaxed and calm”