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Sports Performance


If you are a competitor of any kind, you want to gain an edge over the others.

“Hypnosis and imagery is increasingly used by many people and teams, to improve their game. It can be that edge you are seeking.”
Performance is a combination of mental and physical ability, but increasingly sports people have recognised the power of their mental state having an increasingly positive impact on their sports performance. Open Minds can help both professional and amateur athletes enhance their natural ability.
Open Minds will help you combat issues of self-doubt and refine your skills, maybe develop a technique, and give you a level of self-belief and confidence which will enable you to go further and achieve more. You can become the real YOU at YOUR best.

  • We can, through hypnosis, help a performer of any activity at whatever level, to achieve a more focussed approach as required to be at the top in your game.

    It can help you overcome performance anxiety or pre-game nerves, which can make the difference between winning and second best. If your aim is simply to do the best you can, then you are in the right place to achieve over and above your expectations!

    Open Minds is about maximising your motivation to levels no longer limited by the hurdles placed in your unconscious mind.

  • In addition to an agreed set of one to one sessions, you will also be provided with a CD for you to listen to and engage with self hypnosis or deep relaxation at home. All of this is painless and powerful, and you remain in control throughout.

Just use the contact details opposite right to arrange an appointment or for a free telephone discussion.