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Weight & Smoking


As with smoking, why an individual over or under-eats, can be a complex issue.

“Many inappropriate or excessive habits are developed in the early years.”

All of our clients attending for weight control or wish to give up smoking, need support, guidance and a great deal of ego boosting!

If you want to do something about your weight, or whether you want to quit smoking, there are two paths open to you. There’s carry on… or let’s try and do something about it. If we work together, hypnosis has proven it can work to make you the real YOU. Working with Open Minds can give you the Freedom to become the real YOU.

  • How do we help you to lose weight?

    We know that dieting is no easy task. Ego boosting techniques employed in hypnosis, as well as aversion therapy, can help. We are confident of success, if you have the real WILL to change the way you are.

    What we aim to do is induce changes in your lifestyle, your habits and your diet that mean that you mind will more effectively be able to control your diet.

    It need not be a harsh routine. Open Minds employs a revolutionary technique that will not mean you have to stop eating the things you like. Your mind will simply not wish your body to ingest when it does not need to. We will cause your mouth to listen more to your stomach than it does now, including using an innovative hypnotic gastric band technique which avoids you having  to undergo surgery to achieve the same outcome!

    Through hypnosis techniques, you will be motivated in more positive ways.

  • How do we help you to stop smoking?

    Our role is to assist those smokers that actually WANT to take the path that leads to giving up.

    Open Minds deal with both the habit  AND with the addiction separately and effectively, and not always instantly.

    Hypnosis has however, turned people around from 60 a day to zero, overnight.

You will also be provided with a CD for you to listen to and engage with self hypnosis or deep relaxation at home. To make an appointment or have a free, initial discussion, just use the contact details provided.