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Download the first 50mins of a New You

First steps…to a new, amazing life


Why not download an MP3 of a fully professional (50 mins) session of clinical suggestion therapy, led by Dr Glen Reynolds?

Much more than a simple relaxation recording of mood music (frequently provided to clients elsewhere), at a cost of just £10, it provides a serious taste of what an initial, structured session of professional clinical hypnotherapy would be like at Open Minds. And as always, you will remain in total control.

Employing safe induction and visualisation techniques, along with suggestion therapy, this session (that you can repeat at will), could be the beginning of a new life changing experience for you. It also provides the basis of your own journey into self hypnosis – which is at the heart of what we do at Open Minds – transforming and helping you, so that you can use the skills and techniques we teach, outside of the sessions we share.

This session will not engage with underlying causes of symptoms, which in terms of hypno-analysis, is what we cover together, and in later sessions.

To purchase simply and securely online with any major credit/debit card or your PayPal account just click the PayPal “Buy Now “button below.

After successful payment a link will be displayed on the payment page to click through to our download library where you can play or download the full session broken down into five separate tracks.

NB the £10.00 GBP purchase price is not subject to VAT