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Charges – Plus a Reassuring Word


A Quick Word From Glen….

I can assure you that Open Minds is driven by a professional purpose that is both honest as well as caring. It will always be confidential and you can be confident of success. I am committed to the genuine healing techniques we use, in stark contrast to the bad or unqualified use of a form of hypnosis that is frequently media driven to get cheap laughs at the expense of others.”

We are healers not entertainers. Please watch the YouTube presentation as this explains how and why we operate the way we do, and in much more detail. Before any session, all your questions are addressed, but here are just brief comments:

  • Genuine and Clinical Hypnosis cannot cause anyone to do something against their will or contradict their values. At Open Minds we are ethically required to make only those suggestions that support agreed-upon outcomes.” “Genuine and Clinical Hypnosis is not mind control or brainwashing. As a person of faith myself, I view hypnosis as a healing ministry, prayerfully administered. The word “trance” is not appropriate to what we do. You never lose control. You know exactly where you are the entire time. You can move your position, stretch, speak, or decide if you want to stop at anytime. You can still hear sounds and respond to any situation that needs your immediate attention. You remain attached to you as a person, in a fixed place, and time.” “Genuine and Clinical Hypnosis is not sleep, but is more akin to that feeling of a daydream. You know when you drive or travel somewhere or watch something and you think at some point – “wow, where did that time go?”, or “I just felt as if I was on auto-pilot!” – well, that is the sort of hypnotic, pleasant and deeply relaxed state you should feel as part of Open Minds Scottish Mobile Hypnotherapy! It can be miraculous in the way it can change your life for the better, and the real YOU that you want to make happen, is now within reach.”
  • Charges Individual:  I am keen that the positive response you will obtain to clinical hypnotherapy is not short lived.  If you really wish to use hypnotherapy to engage with your issue, you must take this very seriously and overnight success stories are rare and usually of temporary value to you.  As such, we rarely advise single isolated sessions save in exceptional circumstances. Where this is appropriate a charge of £120 is made. The cost of a standard recommended course of three sessions is £300 IN TOTAL. The maximum cost is £300 regardless of how many sessions it takes for the therapy to succeed, three or more. The first (or single) session lasts approx 1 and a half hours, the rest last approx 40/50mins each.  However, time will never be a limiting factor in our work together. An Open Minds self hypnosis CD is given to you as well, enabling you to carry out safe, self hypnosis at home Corporate and Workshops: These are negotiable and the venue has to be organised and paid for by the client. Standard charges are £500 and £1000 for a half and full day respectively. Discounts: Available and subject to recipient receiving State means tested benefit (for addiction therapy only) All charges must be paid in advance of any treatment.