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Stress and Pain Management


“Keep Calm, Dear!” is not just a joke when stress affects your health, relationships and lifestyle!

“Together, we can make that happen, not just for the moment, but for the long term.”

tibetanbowllargeAt Open Minds, using the vocal techniques behind hypnotic induction, mindfulness and suggestion, (and perhaps the calming sounds of our ancient and popular Tibetan singing bowls), you may reach a deeper and longer lasting state of relaxation than you ever thought possible.

This will open your mind to positive change.

Through hypnoanalysis, we will deal with causes as well as the effects of any debilitating factors that hold you back in life including pain management.

  • We aim at long term, and not short lived results

    You will also be provided with a CD for you to listen to, and engage with self hypnosis or deep relaxation at home.

    So the work does not stop with us! To make an appointment or have a free, initial discussion, just use the contact details provided.

  • Stress impacts on your mental state, perhaps causing pain, physical ailments and illness.

    Through a much deeper sense of conscious relaxation than maybe you have ever encountered, we can equip you with skills that you will control, and they will help you in your daily life by triggering relaxing, post hypnotic suggestions. You will be taught how to anchor them so that in the most pleasant and reassuring way, you can become or remain healthy, active and calm. You will never lose control.

  • You can begin right now

    by thinking of a “safe” or favourite place, imagined or real, which you can visualise and focus upon. This is just the start of our journey through hypnosis and into life changing hypnotherapy, using mindful healing to enter into an empowering, calming peace, just like floating away to an idyllic and safe, peaceful island of your own!  So where would you like to go?