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Creative Juices and Thinking Outside the Box


At Open Minds we really believe that Hypnosis improves the quality of consciousness that has a deep impact on creative energy and expression

“Put simply, it helps you to think outside of the box.”

Open Minds believe that hypnosis can help creative people improve thinking and awareness, and explore avenues of imagination and artistic creativity within the mind that would otherwise, remain closed.

These are the techniques we use:

  • Regression, including “Past Life” Regression, can unlock ideas, imagination and vivid imagery that releases new and fulfilling avenues of artistic outlook, appreciation and endeavour. Whether in writing, characterisation, painting, and many other fields such as dramatic interpretation and performance, Open Minds can help you imagine above and beyond your conscious mind!
  • Hypnosis really is an underused string to your bow when it comes to achieving what you want to achieve through your creative life, either personally or in order to attract and appeal to an audience or the public.
  • Self Hypnosis can be valuable in the treatment of stage fright and all forms of public speaking and presentation. Through a process of induced hypnosis and deepened relaxation, we will help you develop skills within your own mind, that will enable you to go into self hypnosis. Surroundings that used to be too distracting for you to handle, will now become tolerable by practising self hypnosis.

One to one or group workshops can be arranged. You will also be provided with a CD for you to listen to, and engage with self hypnosis or deep relaxation at home. All painless and powerful, and YOU remain in control throughout. Please use the contact details opposite right to arrange an appointment or have a free initial discussion.